A graphic that reads, ‘Imagine Canada 2080’ and bears the logos of the Walrus Lab and the McMaster University Future of Canada Project. It also features a photo of a mountain landscape.

In partnership with the Walrus Lab, the Future of Canada Project has released a five-part podcast series that explores possibilities for Canada in 2080.

In line with the questions and conversations that emerged at the Imagining 2080 Forum in November 2023, the Imagine 2080 podcast series explores the kind of Canada we want to live in generations into the future.

Since its inception in 2020, the Future of Canada Project has sought to better understand the issues and opportunities facing Canada.

Supported by a generous gift from Chancellor Emeritus L.R. Wilson, the project has been supporting multi-disciplinary, future-focused research that contributes to the development of a better Canada — one that is more equitable, sustainable, resilient and prosperous.

Learn more and listen to the episodes below: 

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