McMaster awarded $5.8M in SSHRC funding

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Dozens of McMaster researchers have been awarded a total of nearly six million dollars in funding through the federal government’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Kirsty Duncan, Minister of science, announced more than $163M for more than 1,000 social sciences and humanities projects across the country Sept. 9.

“Social sciences and humanities researchers help us to understand issues affecting our daily lives and provide evidence for sound policy-making,” said Duncan. “The Government of Canada believes that only this broad and holistic approach can lead to true discoveries, innovation and solutions that will help all Canadians, including those who now call Canada home.”

Economist Mike Veall and his team has received $2.4M will help lead a team studying productivity, firms and incomes.

The funding is being awarded through the Partnership Grants, Partnership Development Grants, Insight Grants and Insight Development Grants.

“SSHRC’s support of these projects helps ensure the continued and unique contribution of humanities and social sciences research to guide informed decision-making at all levels within Canadian society,” said Ted Hewitt, President of SSHRC. “This research informs our thinking about critical social, cultural, economic, technological and environmental issues and contributes to building a better future for Canada and the world.”

McMaster researchers are involved in a variety of projects, including studying the relationship between mining companies and indigenous populations, promoting prosperity in First Nations communities, studying East Asian religions, analyzing sociality at the dawn of humanity and more.

The award recipients are:

  • William Allender
  • Christina Baade
  • Martin Beckman
  • Juanita De Barros
  • Amanda Grenier
  • Milena Head
  • Justin Yiqiang Jin
  • Alok Johri
  • Manish Kacker
  • Ivona Kucerova
  • Stephen McBride
  • Sukhvinder Obhi
  • Tony Porter
  • Mark Rowe
  • Laurel Trainor
  • Richard Harris
  • Stephanie Premji
  • Cesar Sosa Padilla Araujo
  • Netina Tan
  • Katherine Boothe
  • Keith Kinder
  • Mohamed Shehata
  • Hongjin Zhu
  • Michael Veall
  • Paula Gardner
  • Joy MacDermid
  • Allison Williams