New partnership with King’s College London advances nuclear medicine research and training 

Students work in the McMaster Nuclear Reactor

McMaster University and King’s College London’s School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences (BMEIS) have formed a partnership to advance nuclear medicine research and education.

The two world-leading nuclear research institutions will work together to produce 94mTc — a radioisotope that can be used in PET scans of tissue and organs, to help diagnose cancer and heart disease, among others.

The partnership builds on McMaster and King’s global leadership in nuclear medicine, says Karin Stephenson, McMaster’s Director of Nuclear Research and Education Support.

“McMaster is thrilled to work with King’s to advance research in nuclear medicine — a field that continues to play an essential role in global health care,” Stephenson says.

“Together, we will use our expertise and infrastructure to develop new radiation-based diagnostic technologies and provide training to the next generation of nuclear scientists in Canada and the U.K.”

There is an increasing global need for new radiopharmaceuticals and a shortage of skilled scientists, says Professor Steve Archibald, Head of Department for Imaging Chemistry and Biology at King’s College London.

“King’s has developed a strategy of integration in nuclear medicine research with collaborative groups of scientists and clinicians that complements the expert scientists and capabilities at McMaster,” he says.

“We are excited to work together to drive innovation in nuclear medicine and unique training opportunities.”

The two institutions will also collaborate to deliver unique learning opportunities for students and professionals interested or involved in the field of nuclear medicine.

Available to senior graduate students and early-career professionals, McMaster and King’s are hosting the Next Generation in Nuclear Medicine Workshop from June 12 – 14 at McMaster.

Learn more about the workshop and submit an expression of interest form.

About King’s College of London

King’s is an international leader in the delivery of fundamental and translational nuclear medicine research. BMEIS trains the next generation of biomedical engineers, imaging scientists and radiochemists and prioritizes collaboration between researchers, clinicians and industry.

About McMaster University

McMaster is a world-leading supplier of medical isotopes and home to a unique suite of nuclear research facilities, including the McMaster Nuclear Reactor, a 16.5 MeV cyclotron, and a high-level laboratory facility, where scientists and graduate students perform radioisotope processing, radiotracer production, radiopharmaceutical development and radiation biology research.

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