Community investment: Shielding older adults from COVID-19 hospitalizations

Image of a person holding onto a hospital bed

COVID-19 is still sending older Canadians to hospital at higher rates, and there’s more we can be doing to protect them, says infectious disease expert Dawn Bowdish.

Bowdish, the Canada Research Chair in Aging and Immunity, says taking these steps will not only benefit these older adults, but also our entire community.

“As we get older, the chance of returning to the life we once had if we are hospitalized for a serious infection like COVID becomes increasingly slim,” says Bowdish.

Life after a serious infection like COVID-19 can mean patients need more medical care, rehabilitation or even having to enter a long-term care home.

“This has major impacts on their lives and the lives of the people who care for them,” says Bowdish, who is a researcher with the Global Nexus School for Pandemic Prevention & Response.

Learn more in the video below about the three measures she says we could take that would help keep older adults out of hospital, and in turn, benefit our entire community.

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