Smart Freight Centre research partnership receives major funding award

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A new research initiative from the Smart Freight Centre called “CLUE: City Logistics for the Urban Economy” has received a major funding award from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to study challenges related to shipping and consumer expectations for same-day delivery.

The CLUE research collaboration is supported by three universities, six private-sector partners, four public sector partners and two non-governmental organizations.

Professor and co-applicant Elkafi Hassini of the DeGroote School of Business, along with Peter Park of York University, will collaborate on the NSERC Alliance project led by Matt Roorda of the University of Toronto.

The team will receive $3,164,266 from NSERC over four years to address an interrelated set of challenges and opportunities arising from trends in urban goods: specifically, the demand for same-day home delivery by vehicles travelling over congested urban roads, competing for curbside parking and contributing to increasing vehicle emissions.

Other collaborators include associate professor Manish Verma of the DeGroote School of Business and associate professor Saiedeh Razavi of the Faculty of Engineering, as well as partners from multiple levels of government and industry.

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