Students show off mini satellite to nuclear industry execs

satellite 1

A group of McMaster students is in Ottawa this week, showing their work off to members of the Canadian nuclear industry.

The students are working on a miniature satellite to send into orbit for a project that will help researchers better understand the effects of radiation on astronauts.

The satellite, about the size of a loaf of bread, will contain specialized equipment that will help researchers measure the amount and type of radiation astronauts face, especially during space walks.

McMaster Neudose is already working with NASA and Louisiana State University and soon hopes to test their satellite on a balloon 120,000 feet in the air above Texas later this year.

Find out how to support the project here

While in Ottawa, the students will discuss their work with nuclear executives and academics, in the hopes of securing further funding for the project.

You can follow along with the team on Feb. 23 as they document their time at the Canadian Nuclear Association conference on McMaster’s official Instagram account.

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