Making health research accessible for everyone

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What’s ADHD, really? How much exercise should young children get? How does a baby’s microbiome affect their health?

Finding the answers to health questions can be tough without a background in healthcare. That’s why five groups of McMaster researchers are participating in the IHDCYH Talks video competition – an annual effort by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health that encourages researchers to “translate” their work for a general audience.

Each video is collecting votes (in the form of “thumbs-up” clicks), and the winners will receive financial prizes.

Energetic play is cardio for kids

Researcher: Nicole Proudfoot, Department of Kinesiology

The CHILD Cohort Study and a baby’s microbiome

Researcher: Kim Wright, AllerGEN

Exercise messengers

Researcher: Yasmeen Mezil, Child Health and Exercise Medicine program

I can talk! Technology gives a voice to children and youth who cannot speak

Researcher: Jael Bootsma, CanChild in collaboration with CP-NET

ADHD in a nutshell

Researcher: Ana Francisco, MacAnxiety Research Centre

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